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Lesbian Novels

Rob Hacking Lesbian Novels: August In Sweden

The Day After Always Comes

Sitting on a bench by the River Dart, Dee hands a drink to her small boy and turns back to find that her husband has died. Soon a police car arrives and from it comes Nicola, who is set to transform her life. Soon they know they are in love but become increasingly aware that the late husband had been involved in a massive betrayal of Dee, covered up by the Security Service for which he had worked.
Nicola's sister-in-law becomes obsessed with Dee and attempts to drive a wedge between her and Nicola, and a knife into Dee, and then Dee's sister, having discovered love with Simon thanks to Dee's encouragement, is killed in a motorway crash in fog.
The name of an unknown beneficiary in her husband's will leads Dee, Nicola and their son to Ireland and to a direct encounter with terrible happenings during the Troubles, to a catholic priest and an ex-nun he leaves the priesthood for, coming to live with Dee and Nicola in Devon.
This is a story about love and the possibilities of hope even in the face of the worst that can be thrown at Dee and Nicola who marry one another. It is a constant reminder what whatever may come today will always be followed by another day, and that with love, survival of the worst is possible.

Rob Hacking Lesbian Novels: August In Sweden

August In Sweden

Sarah is returning home one evening when she is abducted and subjected to a gang-rape by three men, of whom one speaks hardly at all but his voice is different to the others. Sarah Is a lesbian and lives with her fiancée Sinead. Within two days the police arrest two of the men, but cannot trace the third. Feeling stronger, Sarah goes to Cambridge for a conference and there hears and recognises the voice of the Third Man, who does not recognise Sarah. In his house she discover concealed computer equipment which used to take him onto the dark web and sex tourism. The man, the head of a Cambridge College confesses to Sarah that he did a terrible thing not knowing her identity, but she then begins to defend him – a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome!

Rob Hacking Lesbian Novels: August In Sweden

Women's Troubles

MI5 are active in Yorkshire having discovered a plot to bomb two Shopping Malls. Women agents are sent to expose the plot.

Rob Hacking Lesbian Novels: August In Sweden

Judge Knott

Hannah appears in court on a charge of murder but recognises the judge as someone who seduced her and left her pregnant 22 years earlier. Her case is dismissed and he invites her to come and live with him in his flat, hoping to pick up where they left off when she was a schoolgirl aged 17. But in the interim Hannah has known only a life of profound unhappiness and misery with two abortions and years as a prostitute. In New York she was charged with drug offences and spent five years in prison there where she met her first total experience of love. Back in the UK she seeks reconciliation with her parents whom she hasn't seen for 22 years, and soon she is joined in this country by her friend and lover from prison. The judge is now quite alone, for his daughter has also moved to new work and lives close by Hannah, but has a very different longing of her own.

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