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All but one of my books have been written since 2018 – almost 6 million words in just six years! Even as a child I had a rich imagination but my writing emerges from my own life experience, 30 years of which I spent as a priest working in diverse settings such a prison, industry, the "slum" parish (as it was then) of Byker in the East End of Newcastle , and in rural parishes, in which I shared in times of joy but also far too many times of woe and grief.


I often write about women, (and in particular, lesbians but non-erotic), those who are strong and wholly themselves. I am also not afraid to tackle issues such as sexual corruption in the police, rape and some of the worst realities of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. 


My most recent book is about a woman rabbi – begun before the recent troubles in Israel and Gaza, though its central theme is about the possibilities of the divine quite apart from the horrors of religion, which I gave up completely in 2006 and have never regretted. 


We read not just to be entertained, but to discover that we are not alone, that there are others who see as we do and who challenge us to see even more. That is also why I write.

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