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Author of "The Waiting Room", "The Day After Always Comes", the  "Jo Enright Lesbian Detective Series", "Risen from the Dead",  and many more...

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Rod Hacking

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Front Cover of the Book, The Waiting Room by Author, Rod Hacking, The Salisbury Writer

The Waiting Room

Elise, a Canadian by birth but living in England, trains to be a rabbi. She finds herself then closely involved in a series of unusual deaths which lead her to understand why this should be. Visiting her dying aunt in Canada, she learns that as a baby she was baptised and confirmed as a Catholic! She visits the priest who had done this and there is brought face to face with what he calls his Waiting Room, where for hours each day he sits and waits in silence. But now with the arrival of Elise, that task can be handed over to her. 
On return she abandons the rabbinate and goes to live as a solitary on the North York Moors and spends five years in her own waiting room. But a new death, similar to others she has known, marks the end of her solitary life, and on the following day meets Pieter, a Dutch vet, and once again for Elise, life changes wonderfully though she now knows things of which she cannot speak about meaning, purpose and the One that cannot be named.

Front cover of the book Falling Apart by Author Rod Hacking, The Salisbury Writer

Falling Apart

In the middle of a highly successful and much admired life, an encounter with a family member, turns Edwin's world upside down and plunges him, following a form of nervous breakdown, into an experience of depression, the like of which he has never even imagined possible. The story tells of his intensive psychotherapeutic work as together, he and his therapist try to unravel a knot which brings to the surface a story of unimaginable distress.

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