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Charlotte might as well be dead. From her birth onwards everything has gone wrong and her life is hopeless: drugs and prostitution. But Paul, wanting to change sex is little better, nor Andrew who is cut-off from what he loves. Charlotte comes to Scotland and unearths dangerously unpleasant secrets. As Charlotte begins to come to life, she meets Zolko, who is the latest one to experience her capacity to bring others to life. When Ed is diagnosed with cancer, amazingly it is once again Charlotte who proves the life-giver, and against the odds she discovers something astonishing for herself and the man she loves.

When we think of those tackling ISIS at home and abroad, we think of men in uniform carrying their machine guns. Here however, are a number of women, linked to MI5, who are charged with the capture of the person co-ordinating the work of Islamic terrorists, using extraordinary skills, courage and guile Much of the action is centred on the unlikely setting of Betty's Tea and Cake shop in Ilkley, and initiated by two friends with the unlikely names of Sharon and Tracey! The whole thing is fraught with danger and the women regarded as completely dispensible and disposable. Can the women do what the men cannot?

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Following a realistic tipoff that some significant person is to be murdered in Devon by the Continuity IRA, a number of women officers of the security service come to Dartmoor in the hope of preventing the killing. Then a terrible event happens but the person who proves to be the Saviour may well be the intended assassin.