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Lesbian Detective Series 

Courage Lost, Everything Lost: 6 in the Detective Series

“Jo is faced with personal tragedy and travels to Los Angeles to bring back the body of her former wife, Marie, following her suicide. Marie has left a final note for Jo in which she confesses to a serious crime and a series of betrayals, two of which have led to innocent people being imprisoned. And the terrorist threat of the Norfolk Conspiracy is once again thrown open.

Worst of all is the discovery of that Marie has betrayed Jo again and again, living a sham life as a lesbian married to a top police officer to protect herself from detection. In this book, courage is greatly needed.”

What's Going On? (The Lesbian Detective Series Book 3)

With Jo and Marie now married and with a baby, Ji is tempted back into the Police Force, as Marie is being drawn into the RAF as an officer. Jo is asked to lead a new special squad and the first crime, bizarrely concerns the death of three horses though she has already had resolve and serious and sensitive problem in a cathedral focussed on the sexuality of a bishop and the Dean. The murder of two people at a religious conference is demanding because one of the victims is a close gay friend of both Jo and Marie. Marie herself experiences both an emergency landing and being hijacked in her small plane before being asked to go to America for six weeks to learn to fly huge transport aircraft. Whilst she is away Jo becomes infatuated with a lesbian reporter from whom she is rescued by her friend Sharon. She also has to lead her team into a complex set of lies around the import of drugs and the use of the nerve agent Ricin. Complexity always brings the best out of Jo, and whilst retaining her care for others, especially her team, she is as tough as can be with the perpetrators of death and misery (and those men who get in her way).

The Truth and Other Lies: The Lesbian Detective Series 5

36 years ago a small child was convicted of the murder of two babies. Detective Chief Superintendent is not convinced that it happened as it was reported and seeks to find out the truth. Meanwhile a brilliant mathematician is allegedly found dead by suicide, but again Jo and her team are unconvinced. Then the great tragedy of the murder of the beautiful journalist in love with Jo takes place, but Jo thinks this may something to do with her deleting into the past. Into the midst of this is a serious collapse of trust in Jo's team when two of them are arrested by the drugs squad. Marie flies out to Egypt but also discovers she has been betrayed and in order to escape is driven to use a taser against a soldier who comes onto the flight deck to arrest her. More than anything however this is the story of a little girl and her rescue from 36 years of an unjust hell.

In The End, Love: The Lesbian Detective series 7

Jude, Jo's partner has pre-eclampsia and this involves a miscarriage. For both Jo and Jude this is a significant event in their relationship, and whilst in hospital Jude meets Abby with whom she feels a more natural kinship than a top detective who is constantly being called away. Ironically, on the first occasion it is to the murder of a baby, and suspicion falls at once on a Russian gangster. He is arrested by Jo but there is interference from the Foreign Office who order his release. Jo calls a Press Conference and announces his re-arrest. The Foreign Office are far from pleased and claim she is one-reaching herself, and a series of dirty tricks are attempted against her.
Jo has already resolved to resign and wishes to learn the art of farming, and to buy a farm with some of the money she received in compensation from the American Air Force for the death of Marie. Before resigning she makes substantial changes in her team, with Jodie (undergoing an unlikely conversion) now at the top supported by Frankie, and Belinda leaving the team (and wife, Darcey) for a top job at Scotland Yard. And love finally falls into place for Jo and Darcey, whom everyone knows were meant for each other. Encouraged by a local farmer, Chloe, with Katia, Jo and Darcey purchase a farm in the Scottish Borders, and begin to learn what daily routine means: milking, sheep and love.

In the Realm of the Dead: A DCI Joanne Enright Story

When four brutal murders across the UK show all the signs of being the work of one person, a special unit is set up to solve the crimes, based in the Midlands, and includes a woman officer from Boston, Lincolnshire who quickly takes the lead. Disaster strikes the group when a member falls foul of the law, but they press on, increasingly dependent on Jo Enright, who in the course of the investigation almost ruins everything by falling in love. Increasingly the team's understanding of the significance of the murders begins to change and the team member closest to Jo is involved in a terrible accident. The climax of the book is a tour de force for women police officers, and for the newly promoted Jo, the beginning of a completely new way of being.

Nothing Like A Dame: The Jo Enright Lesbian Detective Series: 4

Jo and her team are asked to deal with sexual abuse of women by police men in a different area. What they uncover is shocking and in a short time two people are murdered and one of Jo's team abducted as a warning to them to leave, but Jo persists recognising the hatred so many men, even in the police force, have for women. One particularly shocking experience of rape leads to the arrest of a senior figure, but Jo and her team also have to face important changes in their own world of love and relationships. Meanwhile, back home, Jo's wife, Marie, is involved in a stand off with the Saudi government where she landed her plane, but later delivers unsettling news for Jo.

The Norfolk Conspiracy: The Jo Enright Lesbian Detective Series: 2

After a tragic happening in her life, Jo retreats from public life and considers ending her work as a detective. He closest friend comes to stay with her and courages her her to recover by taking on a very important piece of work Although Jo reluctantly resists the longings of her friend be to be than just friends, Jo returns to the fray and uncovers a terrible conspiracy within the police service to overthrow the established order, one in which they are willing to use a Russian nerve agent brought into the country by someone called Marie, with whom Jo falls headlong in love. The problem is. Jo wonders if Marie is not herself part of the conspiracy.

Reaping What We Sow (The Lesbian Detective Series)

Dame Jo Enright, sometime Detective Chief Superintendent, has made a huge change in her life and is now a farmer in Scotland living with her partner Darcey, and lots of sheep and cattle. They are being taught by Rhona, an experienced farmer but it is far from an idyllic existence, especially when her daughter Josie is sexually assaulted in St Alban's, and she and her brother Ollie come to join their mum on the farm. You can take Jo out of detection, from you can't take the detective out of Jo. Disaster comes in the form of the death through drugs of a close friend of them all, and then Jo is diagnosed with breast cancer, and during a hospital stay is betrayed by Darcey. During treatment Jo stays with a family in Edinburgh who find themselves caught in a matter that can only be resolved by the involvement of MI5.

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