Nadine and her sister Caro share a house in Chelsea. One sister is an up-and-coming composer and the other is a very beautiful but totally deaf woman and also very clever. By accident they are drawn into a total mess involving the Continuity IRA in London and one sister is badly beaten up. Into all this comes first of all a brilliant young pianist from Romania and a Colonel and Major from the Security Services. Betrayal and love are the themes of this account of 'ordinary' life, and where being deaf is extremely useful  except where Fulham supporters are concerned!

Wherever Hester went, men turned to look but what was she doing working in a bank? The inevitable happened one day in Cambridge when she was 'spotted' by a man who runs a model agency. In no time at all, with a failed marriage behind her, she is regarded as a much sought-after super model.

But something is not as it should be in Hester – seriously so, and one person only comes to know and fears she may pay a heavy price for that knowledge. Now known across the world as Eleanor Jennings the supermodel, was she also Eleanor Jennings the Serial Killer?

Eleanor Jennings The Supermodel Serial K