My Other Novels


The novel opens in the Appeal Court in London where a GP seeks release from prison for something he did not do. Returning home he finds himself caught up again with the very people who got him into prison in the first place, and also has to face a wife who is divorcing him.

He takes up new work in the Cumbrian Dales but even there the past catches up with him and his new partner. A GP in the Dales has to work very hard, but then a terrible tragedy takes place threatening totally to overwhelm him. Transformation comes in the person of Olivia Doyle, a most unusual poet with whom he falls in love. Then a child is abducted in the village. 

A young gay lecturer in English is attacked one night on her way home and gang-raped. Although she and her partner are planning marriage this experience is so traumatic everything about her life is thrown into the air. Two of the rapists are caught but she is determined to find the other, though when she does it is all very different from how she assumed it would be, The result is a clear instance of the Stockholm Syndrome, and becomes even more complicated when another young woman comes into the equation with force.

August in Sweden.jpg

A retired and widowed Jewish archaeologist receives devastating news and realises there is a former colleague he needs to share it with and so flies out to Tel Aviv and meets this friend in Jerusalem. The friend decides he needs support as he faces up to what is before him and comes to share his life in Oxford.

His high-flying daughter sees this as an opportunity for a major change in her own lifestyle.

In the end there is a big surprise as love triumphs.

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